Hair Treatment Clinic and Doctor in Lucknow

Hair Treatment Clinic and Doctor in Lucknow


First of all, DR. Nishant’s Geetanjali homeo is one of the best hair treatment clinic and doctor in Lucknow. Here, at Geetanjali homeopathy clinic, we treat our patient with an enormous amount of care and passion because it’s our duty to serve you. In our clinic, we analyze the patient for future references even after recovery to reassure that the problem will not return in future.


Want to go for the best hair treatment clinic and doctor in Lucknow?


Seems like, you are suffering from hair loss problem, don’t worry, you are at the right place. We, at Geetanjali Homeo will solve your hair loss with the best medicines available. Rather than that, we can help with other various health issues such as :-


  1. Skin problems
  2. Kidney/Renal diseases
  3. Stomach and liver diseases
  4. Respiratory problems
  5. Joint pains/Arthritis
  6. Bone problems
  7. Psychological problem


Doctor Nishant’s Homeopathic Clinic is the best hair treatment clinic in Lucknow. And above all Lycopodium Clavatum works best in the case of hair loss as a medicine. As followed by the research Lycopodium Clavatum proved to be the best homeopathic medicine because our doctor himself have tested this medicine many times. After that only he highlighted this medicine. Therefore, following the medicinal course given by our doctor will certainly increase the chances to improve. Finally, Doctor Nishant will provide the best treatment for hair loss problem. It is prepared from a club moss (fungus), which is potentized for its usage.


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